Monday, February 1, 2010


I love pizza. Did I mention I LOVE pizza? In fact, I was actually married to someone who owns a pizza restaurant, is how much I love pizza! But… There is pizza, and then there is pizza.

In New York, for example, I had So Much delicious pizza, whether the shop was The First one, or whether that was the place down the street, I was happy with all of it. Even late at night (or perhaps because it was late) I was so in love with the pizza that I was motivated to take a photo of the pizza maker as he handed me my slice! That thin, old-fashioned style without too much going on except flavor is my favorite. Is it the water? Is it the secret recipe for sauce? We don’t know but we love it.

I even have a pizza cook book, and a hilarious one at that! Goldberg’s Pizza Book (1971 – and SO of the times, he even has a chapter telling you what kind of pizza to eat based on your astrological sign!) has a decent, bake-it-yourself dough recipe that works just fine in a home oven not hotter than 500 degrees (though most commercial pizza ovens are set to more like 800 degrees) and he also offers good sauces and toppings. I just don’t do pizza at home much because my daughter’s dad feeds it to her a lot, and I have to admit, it is way better than any I can cook at home.

But what is NOT better, and something I am ashamed to admit to even consuming, is the pizza from Chuck E Cheese’s. And that is ALL THEY DO! So why is it so terrible? Perhaps because kids don’t care! We were just there for a birthday, and buckets of the stuff got eaten, despite its being about as tasty as the box. When mixed with soda, candy, chocolate cake and the flashing lights and sirens of said venue, perhaps it is just fine. I don’t know, you tell me – here is a photo. Mmmmmmmmm!

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