Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Menu Planning Pads

OK OK I know these are not vintage, but honestly, if you actually cook, and like to plan your meals in advance, or have kids and need to figure out what to cook what day of the week, or for any reason are particularly anal, you will WANT THESE PADS! (And, OK, some of them even have vintage-inspired graphics.) Basically it is a weekly sheet where you can list what you will cook each day, with a shopping list section next to it. Simple! And yet, deadly. Deadly useful, that is! I am a list kind of gal, and when I saw these at various places last year (Michael’s, Target $1.00 bin) I FLIPPED and bought about 6 pads. Which means I am set for about 6 years, perhaps even more! And now, at the beginning of each week, I plan out what meals I will be cooking, comparing these to the calendar of meals from my daughter’s school, factoring in trips to the Farmer’s Market, (where we often go on a Saturday but never know what will look good enough to bring home), and list out what items I need to shop for. NOW if only my planning system could assist me to find the ONE market that stocks everything I need…

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