Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whole Grain Wheat Pancakes

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Sunday mornings I pretty much always make pancakes or their cubist friends waffles – unless I’m getting fancier with a soufflé or something. But pancakes! Other than the occasionally interminable flipping, they are easy and can even be healthy. Witness:  this recipe with actual whole wheat. Drown in it enough syrup, and you won’t even know it’s good for you!

I always look for new recipes and since I have a new blender (I have a problem with blenders. I have blown up the motors in about 7 so far…) I turned to my trusty 1967 gem, the “Miracle Blender Cookbook - The Fine Art of Modern Blending” by  “Tested Recipe Publishers”. These nameless Testers were willing to put blender mechanism to the test with whole wheat (or wheat berries, as my grandmother called them) and I did too. After quite a lot of motor screaming and the faint smell of smoke, I will say the texture was rather charming. I might go back to my fave recipe which uses whole wheat flower, but for an interesting change, get out your power mowers – I mean blenders – and try this one!

Above: still life from the book (1967) Mine is not so far off, but sadly I am lacking sheaves of raw wheat. Aww shucks ;)

Naturally pancakes are yummy for breakfast, but if you have leftover batter (and this recipe will give you plenty so you will) just flip them up now and save for later. A delightful snack later with peanut butter, or butter and jam for dessert, or even with meat and veg with dinner! Come on, get creative (man)!

 Look, I even sifted the flour! (Cheater admission: often I just fluff it around with a fork.) But not when I MEAN BUSINESS:
On the Griddle!

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