Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bloody Mary

When I felt the need for a Bloody Mary, I knew right where to turn: the 1956 “Esquire Drink Book”, which comes to me highly recommended as the definitive book on the subject. I actually flipped through a few other cocktail guides, but even the esteemed Trader Vic had a much less exciting version, leaving out any spices, and thus, all the fun. This book actually includes two Bloody Mary recipes, one of which is a blender drink, but my blender recently died (insert sad face here), so I used the more traditional recipe below. How can you go wrong with a shaker of ice – you get a workout AND a drink!

I hate to admit this, as into food as I am, but until quite recently, I wasn’t aware that cocktails could actually taste good – that careful thought goes into the pairing of flavors, the ratio of sweet to sour, even the choice of garnish. I’ve since come to enjoy a good drink made by talented friends and bartenders, but am nowhere near an expert myself. This was my first attempt at making a Bloody Mary, and I have to say, it worked quite well. Now I just need to get the girls over for brunch!

You’ll note that the recipe below doesn’t mention the celery I so carefully garnished mine with, but having seen Bloody Marys served thus at fancy dining establishments, I added that. Also, I used Spicy V8 rather than tomato juice, which eliminates (and boy, does it!) the need for pepper. Finally, I don’t keep vodka on hand as I don’t love it, so the brand I grabbed at the cheap corner liquor store was so embarrassing that I had to hide the label. You folks at home, please use something classy and expensive, and don’t tell any of my cocktail expert friends or bar owners what you’ve witnessed here...

Bloody Mary

1 jigger vodka
2 jiggers tomato juice
1/3 jigger lemon juice
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Shake well with ice and strain into glass.


  1. ha! i'm telling everyone!!!
    i keep vodka in the freezer for guest who aren't gin drinkers. i've never been a bloody mary kind of gal bc of the vodka and somewhat bc of the tomato juice (eewww!). but somehow reading your post made me want to give it another try!
    have you ever tried it w/ gin? i usually have a greyhound w/ gin for breakfast (not daily). i think it's time for a change!
    i find that esquire drink book to be the best recipe book!

  2. Yay, Elvia! Yes, I have ordered them with Gin because I normally don't like vodka at all, and they are good, but I wanted to try the vodka type, and it was actually good! Go for the Spicy V8 - that and the Worchester makes a yummy taste! :)

  3. OK Finally something that sounds good!

  4. Like Elvia [who is a friend of mine] I only drink gin. I really love Bloody Mary's. I am known by some as the mistress of the Bloody Mary. So here goes girls please try this at home. There will be no measurements because I just make them. I feel they should be made to your taste.

    Mistress Sharons Bloody Mary

    good quality tomato juice
    gin or vodka
    hot sauce
    garlic powder
    dillweed or fresh dill
    celery salt
    pickle or olives
    celery stalk

    I usually make them in a pint glass because I love them so much.

    lots of gin
    5 to 6 shakes of Worchester
    spoonful of horseradish
    hot sauce to taste
    4 good shakes of the garlic powder
    3 good shakes of the dill weed
    squeeze a quarter of a lime
    Mix well with a spoon.
    Add tomato juice.
    Top with celery salt.
    Add pickle or olive and celery stalk.

    Bottoms UP!

  5. Sharon - that sounds fab! Plus, then it's a meal. THANK YOU! :)