Monday, July 14, 2014

The Real Mod Cleanse aka 3 Day Refresh

I have had trouble with portion control for a long time, and also had been traveling and eating all the wrong things over the 4th of July holiday, so I decided to do the 3 Day Refresh from the makers of Shakeology.

3 Day Refresh Kit

Here is the kit with my shaker bottle. If you don't already use Shakeology, you can get a Complete Kit that also has a 3 day supply of your breakfast shake.

 Day 1 I was sad to have my Shakeology with water, because I normally blend it with fruit and coconut water or almond milk, but I did put ½ a banana with the Greenberry flavor and it was fine. When I got to work I had green tea which was, well, hot. I don’t love green tea (Ice cream? Yes) but I am used to drinking tea in the morning, so this was similar at least, and gave me something to do. It was a bummer that of all days THIS was the day I had to review catering menus for an upcoming event, but it was a good test of my willpower. (USUALLY I have very little willpower when it comes to food, hence the cleanse!) Anyhow, before I knew it, it was time for Fiber Sweep which *HOLY MOLY* tasted to me like a Botan Rice Candy! It was very thick but not bad, in a vaguely sweet and citrus-y way. Fiber? I’d rather not over think it. Downed it and moved on.

3 Day Lunch

Here is the lunch I packed for Day 1
For lunch, I had carrots and 2 Tbsp hummus (NEVER have I been so thrilled to eat humus!) and some grapes and the first Vanilla Fresh shake. The grapes tasted so very sweet and I loved them – good thing, because though the shake was not BAD, I didn’t love it. Again, I just downed it and felt full, which was the idea. My co-workers were having tacos (cruel) but I managed not to even eat one chip! The rest of the day, I watched the clock to make sure I was having my next tea and snack (cherry tomatoes) each hour – if I went much longer than that, I felt cranky. I nearly caved in the afternoon when I always drink coffee, especially since someone had just made a pot, but I stayed strong and was proud and surprised! On the drive home I was feeling really hungry and thought about the Cliff bar that was in my gym bag, but remarkably, I didn’t eat it, though as I prepared the salad for my dinner which was meant to be topped with sunflower seeds, I have to admit I just ate them right away because I had gone too long between meals and was feeling shaky. Then I had another Vanilla Fresh (downed it in 3 seconds flat) and the Spinach Salad recipe and veggie broth and I felt really full and happy but also very tired. Full disclosure: I was also gassy, which horrifies me and made me glad I live alone! I went to bed at 9pm on Day 1, after looking at cheese in the fridge and wanting it but deciding to dream of it instead of eating it.

3 Day Breakfast

 Here is a typical breakfast: water / shakeology / green tea

Day 2 I woke up at 5:30 and I felt great! I made sure to drink lots of water and then I did a PiYo (Pilates / Yoga) 30 min workout which I had no problem with – you can totally still exercise while on the 3 Day, just keep it mild. For breakfast I had chocolate Shakeology blended with pineapple (yum!) and water (booo) and to be honest I can’t say if it is the cleanse or the workout, but I got in the shower feeling 10 years younger! At work I was again very careful to space out each drink, shake or snack so that I was having something each hour. I had a meeting in the afternoon that went 2 hours, and towards the end I felt a big slump and wanted to sleep. As soon as I got out of the meeting, I had my snack of mushrooms, and that made me perk right up again. Somehow also the foods I picked today didn’t give me any gas, thank heavens! I made a point of going home on time so that I could have my 3rd shake of the day at 6pm and after, I felt good enough to go for a quick jog! Then at 7pm I had dinner (green beans) and broth. Went to bed at 10 feeling full and happy.

 3 Day Dinner

Here is dinner with the Lemony Green Beans, which I would totally make again!

3 Day Green Beans Recipe

Day 3 I felt hungry when I woke up but drank lots of water and then did my workout and felt great, plus I was happy to have my Greenberry Shakeology with pineapple this time. AND I’m not gonna lie, I also snuck in 1/3 cucumber in the blender, and it tasted SO much better. Did I just blow it entirely? I don’t think so. Again during the day I very carefully ate one item each hour, even splitting up the things I had for lunch over 3 hours just to avoid any spikes or slumps. Being busy at work helped keep me from thinking about food, but I also found I wasn’t all that into obsessing over it today. The REAL test came when, at 5pm, I met friends in a BAR! And (drumroll please…) I had a Calistoga with lemon!!! And I didn’t die! I didn’t cave, even walking to my car, through San Francisco’s North Beach which is full of amazing restaurants with delightful smells. The fact that I had made it that far made me keep on walking. Pride is a strong emotion, and it gave me willpower that day! Also, I was truly not starving. Though by now I was sick of the Vanilla Fresh shakes, I was glad to have one more that was ready in seconds when I got home. I downed that as I made the roasted asparagus dish for dinner, which was STUNNINGLY good and something I will totally make again as a side dish. I was full and very mellow, which is a strange state for me; usually I am 100% ON or 100% OFF, as in hyper or asleep. At the end of day 3 I felt relaxed and tired but not exhausted.

Day 3 Dinner Recipe: 

3 Day Asparagus Recipe

3 Day Empty Box
All done!


The morning after the 3 Day Refresh I had lost 2.5 pounds and felt calm and in good spirits. What surprised me was that I didn’t run right out and get tacos! I was actually mindful of what I put into my lunch for the day, and had a small dinner. I did go back to drinking tea, but that is more of a habit. I had no coffee and didn’t really miss it. A lovely benefit was that I was able to put on a ring that hadn’t fit me in the last few years! What I learned was the importance of spacing out food to avoid spikes, and to be mindful of portion sizes.

ONE WEEK LATER - I still feel good and have been eating smaller portions and not had as many cravings! The 3 Day Refresh really was an easy way to "re-set" my eating habits and also helped me to get back to being mindful of what I put into my body. 

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