Monday, February 15, 2010

The Vomit Bowl

I really hate to use this word on a food blog, but as this bowl was so-named, I had better explain because this is NOT a bowl to store anything gross like one might think from the name. I don’t really collect Texas Ware, though I do collect other vintage Melamine, to be discussed at another time. However, I have always liked the mottled, speckled, multi-colored plastic bowls and I think I have one in my camping gear, and one small one in my kitchen that I use almost exclusively for beating eggs. I have seen this color described as “mocha” when listed for sale (Texas Ware, as with everything else cool in the Universe, has suddenly become expensive on eBay – when it was used for so many years at cabins and as camping gear! Sheesh!) but apparently, not everyone appreciates all of it. My daughter has called it the most beautiful bowl she has ever seen! My boyfriend, however, christened it the Vomit Bowl. (!!) I would have been mad at him, I suppose, but this was coming from someone who has about 25 Texas Ware bowls, most in the (more collectible, and, some would say, more attractive) colors of red or green. So after I made a fuss and a huge Harrumph, I decided it was hilarious and now I, myself, also call it The Vomit Bowl. So long as it never CONTAINS said substance, I think it is OK and I still chuckle to myself every time I pull it out. Gosh, thanks!

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